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New group member

June 2013

I’m Alison, I have recently join the Group together with my husband Colin. We live in Macclesfield with our two teenaged children. Colin had his first symptoms of MND over 4 years ago and last September reluctantly accepted a wheelchair. We met 30 years ago at University where we both took scientific degrees; Colin went on to complete a PhD in geochemistry while I worked in a molecular biology research laboratory. Although our careers have taken us into more commercial roles in the scientific industry, we share a passion for science. We have now established a website marketing company, Web Incite (Web-Incite.co.uk) to enable us to continue to work while living with MND.

MND has, and is continuing to change our lives and constantly presents us with new challenges. I am, by nature, an optimist and generally find something positive in any situation but this is difficult when confronted with MND; I hope that by sharing our experiences of this disease with the group, something positive can come from it. The tireless enthusiasm and determination of the group to improve the situation of patients with MND is commendable.

I feel privileged to be part of SMND RAG, hearing about the truly amazing research which is undertaken day in, day out in this institute and others around the world gives me optimism that perhaps the next generation will not have to suffer this disease.

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