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Researcher Feedback – ProSec3

April 2018

ProSec3 – A multi-centre evaluation of excessive saliva management in patients with motor neurone disease

Recruitment recently commenced on a UK-wide study headed by Sheffield’s Prof Christopher McDermott called ‘ProSec3’. This research aims to build on knowledge gained in two smaller projects previously carried out at the Sheffield MND Care and Research Centre, surveying the prevalence and treatment of saliva problems in patients with motor neurone disease. At present, there are no specific guidelines available to clinicians for managing this often distressing and potentially life-limiting symptom frequently occurring in people with MND. By working with teams across the country to collect data from a large cross-section of the MND population, we hope to gain a better understanding of how common problems with saliva and secretions are, and the most effective methods for controlling these symptoms. Such knowledge should ultimately improve the outcomes of patients who develop problems with excess saliva. The SMND-RAG have provided invaluable input throughout the development of all iterations of ProSec, helping us to quickly gain ethical and HRA approvals and start this study ahead of schedule. We are extremely grateful to the SMND-RAG for all of their efforts!

ProSec3 Team, University of Sheffield and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.

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