Our mission is to empower and enable patient & public involvement in motor neuron disorders research

New members welcome!

November 2021

Can you help researchers understand Patients’ & carers’ priorities?

The aims of the Research Advisory Group are to:

  • Enable the perspectives of patients and carers to be included in research proposals
  • Provide knowledge from each member’s experiences of MND
  • Identify and prioritise research topics from the patients’ perspective
  • Improve recruitment to research studies
  • Help identify improved treatments from research results
  • Give patients and carers a more authoritative voice
  • Help build public credibility and trust in clinical research
  • Improve the input from patients and carers to research projects
  • Identify any barriers to patient’s effective involvement in research
  • Comment on “Patient Information and Research Results Sheets”
  • Help write lay summaries for research proposals
  • Raise public awareness of MND research

If becoming a member interests you and you would like to find out more about the group (you would be welcome to attend a meeting and visit SITraN) please email Annette Taylor at smndrag@sheffield.ac.uk

The Person Specification, Terms of Reference and Membership Form are available to download here

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